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Our names are Yuka and Steve, YAS for short, and this is No Travel No Life! The name No Travel No Life is a reference to the anime No Game No Life and how you have to play games to live life. So, our name means without travel you have no life.

Our goal for this blog is to write about premium or luxury travel using points and miles. Steve will focus on topics like points and miles, aviation, hotels, and credit cards. His forte is premium and luxury travel; he would be the one that is holding all the secrets for redeeming and gaining points. Practically all he does is study points and miles in his free time. Yuka will be focusing on topics like destinations and experiences. Her forte is writing about guides for the places we will visit.

FCO-TPE CI A350 Business Class May 2018

We will also have a page just for articles written in Japanese. Yuka will be the main contributor covering experiences and destinations with the possibility of writing about different topics in Japanese.

A little bit about Yuka

New York City August 2017

I’m Yuka from Japan and I am 26 years old. Love traveling and shopping, I especially really like looking for unique souvenirs. Sadly, I really don’t care about food, but because Steve loves eating, I started to care about eating more than before. 😋🍴 I’m a hairdresser, and I’ve worked in Japan for 5 years and 6 months. Now I live in Australia with a working holiday visa! I’m still learning, but I really love this job. 💇 My job is like a hobby. Another hobby is learning English! It’s tough but also very fun. 😆✨ I started learning it in junior high school to high school, then after forgetting everything, I started studying by myself. I’m also still learning English, and even make some mistakes, but I hope to write in English to improve my English skills. ✌️

Can’t wait to share my adventures with you guys!!

A little bit about Steve

EK 777 New First Class August 2018

My name is Steve Smith. I am a level 21 Trekkie that loves aviation, travel, and anime. I travel because I want to try different airlines, fly on unique routes, and eat food. I love visiting random unknown places that are hard to get to. My favorite mode of transportation is by plane, but I also love taking road trips through countries. My favorite road trip has to be in China, I just love driving through the mountains and countryside. Trains hold a special place in my heart, so taking a train is always a treat. I do hope to get my pilot’s license and possibly become a commercial pilot, but I am pretty sure the latter won’t happen. I might not be the most experienced traveler since I only became interested in traveling when I was 18. I am also new to points and miles. I started in August 2017, and since then I have flown 9 first class flights and 13 business class flights internationally within 1 year. My favorite flight is Emirates New First Class as seen above and of course booked with points. I have much to learn, but I still have much to share with my unique perspective of being young. 

We have lots of ideas for articles that we want to write. Lots of things that we hope to benefit you as a reader! So, we welcome you to No Travel No Life!

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Get it boy! Excited to see this!