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Living outside of the USA till I drop dead

I am “moving”. Well, technically I am moving only with a carry-on suitcase and briefcase. Just enough to get me through a week before I have to do laundry with the ease of moveability.

I will be leaving the USA indefinitely, with short return visits. While I will return to the US in August, I will only return for a few weeks. However, where I go outside of the US will partly remain a mystery.

ORD United Polaris lounge

Where am I going?

For now, I am going to be based out of Indonesia, but I will still travel multiple times a month to another country as mini trips with my girlfriend.

In a few days, I am leaving for Seoul, South Korea on Asiana Airlines A380 in first class. I am fully prepared for that flight to eat a ton and gain a few pounds. #noshame

After South Korea, I will fly to Jakarta, Indonesia on Cathay Pacific A330 in business class. Once I am in Jakarta, I will be reunited with my girlfriend, Jihan, as she is the reason why I am staying in Indonesia.

Batik Air crew

My plan for living outside of the US

Finally, I have graduated from university! It was exciting to graduate and get a feeling of ultimate freedom. No more essays and exams. I can finally focus on my blogging as much as I want along with traveling.

Where do I plan on going outside of Indonesia? Well, I don’t know and won’t know till the day of sometimes.

Recently, I have bought my plane tickets the day before my departure date. I tend to book hotels on the same day as I check-in. Both not the best habits in terms of availability using miles and deals, but this allows me to be flexible as Jihan’s schedule is ever changing until the day before.

During my adventures, to wherever I go, I will be writing informative articles for UponArriving and writing both personal and educational articles for this blog. Plus, I just opened my award consultation page where I can help people redeem their miles for the best value available. These three tasks will keep me busy and allowing me to contribute what I know to this beautiful award travel community.

Oakland University Arts and Sciences class of 2019 graduation

More articles will come this time

I know I said I would write more for this blog before, but before I was handling a thesis plus a few essays a week with exams. Now, I can finally devote time without taking away time from university.

I hope to see you back reading my blog and following my adventures.

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